This Little Boy Is a Superhero! He Quads, Fights Kids and Monkeys and Cooks. Who Is He?

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This little boy named Hasbulla Magomedov isn’t like everyone else. The photo above should give you the first clue. In this article, you will find out how many talents he actually has. He is from the Republic of Dagestan. His adventures have won hearts all over the world. They are well documented on Instagram.

Cool kid on the block

A quite serious kid judging by this picture. This isn’t a depiction of Hasbulla’s regular mode of transportation, however. The boy is famous in Russia and quite talented. For that, he has earned the nickname ‘Mini Khabib’. Who would have thought such a young kid already has so many talents?

Like James Bond

‘Khabib’ doesn’t seem to be scared of many things. Most parents would not allow their little one to ride an adult-size quad by himself at that age. His posture and expression however show how comfortable he is. This small child is totally sure of himself.

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