Did you know that the shape of your nails allows for some deep insights into a person’s personality? Find out more!

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2. Wide and short nails
You are very direct and someone that always tells the truth. You are also a theorist that likes to think a lot. Unfortunately, you are not very diplomatic in the way you interact with the people surrounding you, which can be uncomfortable. Your clear-cut attitude and intelligence make you a great source of advice as everyone knows they will receive truthful answers. This shape of nails also indicates a very short temper, so maybe work on your patience a little?


3 & 4. Egg-shaped nails (round) 
You are an incredible friend and very easy to get along with. You are likely very peaceful and laid back and you absolutely hate stress and chaos. Despite your very social personality you like to do things your own way and you prefer not to follow the crowd if you think that you have a better way of dealing with things. Logical decision making is your number one priority. The ability to make logical decisions also means you are a very stable person and you are rarely influenced by emotions or your surroundings.

5. Square-shaped nails
You are a great leader! You are known for being brave and enduring but you also have a lovely playfulness that you like to display to the people close to you. You likely have quite a hard shell on the outside and it takes a while to get to know you and gain your trust, but once you have opened up, you make sure to always keep your circle of friends and family close.