Lemons Are Amazing! Check Out These 6 Incredible Lemon Hacks!

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2. Use lemons as a cleaning agent for your cutting board

Cutting boards often get annoying stains from using them daily to cut meat, fruits, or vegetables. Especially wooden boards can be hard to clean. What most people aren’t aware of, one way to help with this problem is to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto the surface. All you then have to do is give it a good rub and let it rest for around 20 minutes. This hack works even better if you combine the lemon juice with some salt. Make sure to properly rinse the cutting board after you are done applying this simple cleaning technique.


3. Get rid of pungent odor

If you use onion or garlic for your meals, you will be aware of an annoying problem. The strong smell of both onions and garlic sticks to your hands for quite some time after being done with the cooking. Soap often doesn’t do a particularly good job getting rid of the smell. What you can try out instead is to add a few drops of lemon juice into a bowl of water and then wash your hands using this solution. Of course, you can also combine this process with regular soap. The effectiveness of the lemon’s ability to remove odors will impress you, so why not give it a try?