Did you know that the shape of your nails allows for some deep insights into a person’s personality? Find out more!

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Fingerprints are unique and are often used by law enforcement to identify us. But did you know, that you can also use the shape of your nails as an indicator for someone’s personality? It’s definitely time to pay closer attention to other people’s hands, they might give us a lot of useful information, especially when meeting new people. The personality traits connected to the shape of nails are surprisingly accurate. The easiest way to test this personality test is obviously to try it out for yourself first and see if your personality fits your nails.


No matter if true or not, performing this test is a lot of fun. First of all, you will obviously have to figure out what category of nails your nails belong to. Use the chart below to assign yourself to a category. After you are done, you can check out how accurate the attributed personality traits are by reading the information given below.

1. Long and vertical nails
You are a real romantic! Passion and feelings are very important to you and you are often not quite as rational as you should be. This results in you having quite a temper and strong mood swings. Fortunately, you are also very creative and you have a very strong imagination. You are also very social and capable of making new friends very easily. The people around you influence you a lot, which can be a problem.

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